GIVEAWAY: Vax 8650|DECcie nostalgia digression..

From: Will Emerson <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 20:31:42 1999

Damn! I wish I had the space for it!! From my DEC days, I remember the
8650 as
a member of the first VAXcluster we had in the datacenter.. IIRC,
the cluster was named (for you ex & current DECcies) the PATS cluster
(the system
manager was a football fan), and each node got named after a current or
player on the New England Patriots... Nodenames being Morgan, Grogan,
and Fryar..
There was another one, but I'll be damned if I can remember, anyway,
Morgan was,
IIRC an 8700, Fryar was an 8650, and GROGAN started out as an 11/750,
later upgraded
to an 8600.. Fryar lived up to it's namesake, not because it was a
product, but because it got "drop shipped" on it's way to the Maynard
(Ma) Mill..
Sorry, I digress with a little nostalgia....

Disclamer: References to any players or teams performances, in the NFL,
past or present, in this post, are strictly my own opinion.

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> Subject: (fwd) GIVEAWAY: Vax 8650 in Medford, MA by Mar. 18
> From: Jason Scott <>
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> Subject: GIVEAWAY: Vax 8650 in Medford, MA by Mar. 18
> Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 14:11:56 -0500
> Organization: The Information Access Center
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> My company is decommissioning a VAX 8650 with Expansion Unit and while
> the current plan is to throw the thing into the dump, if there are
> souls out there who want one of these things for Nostalgia, Spare Parts,
> or to drop out of a plane, give me a holler at (781)-393-3283 and we'll
> talk. Or, mail to works just as well.
> If you think you can stop by with a Toyota and put this thing in the
> trunk, you don't want it. Vax 8650's are the size of large meat lockers
> and you'll need at least a truck to pick it up. The power needs are
> beyond imagining. The only real use for these things are spare parts
> or some sick project I can't think of, but I can't bear to not take
> at least a try at finding them a home.
> The VAXen are located in Medford, MA, just about 5 miles north of
> Boston, off Route 93. We're throwing the things out Thursday Night
> (March 18) so act fast. First call and show, first serve. Thanks!
> - Jason Scott
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