GIVEAWAY: Vax 8650|DECcie nostalgia digression..

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 21:27:51 1999

<Damn! I wish I had the space for it!! From my DEC days, I remember the
<8650 as
<a member of the first VAXcluster we had in the datacenter.. IIRC,
<the cluster was named (for you ex & current DECcies) the PATS cluster
<(the system
<manager was a football fan), and each node got named after a current or
<player on the New England Patriots... Nodenames being Morgan, Grogan,
<and Fryar..

Key comments cluster... some of the notable clusters in DEC fame was the
VIDEO cluster and the Royalt (all six chars max) (REX, pauper, pawn)
and of course Millrat(millrat, millstn, millrot) and the DEC-10 cluster
MARKET (this was a FTP site too).

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