HP 85 & a bit more.

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Mar 17 17:57:46 1999

<> Tu60 phillips digital cassette PDP-8, PDP-11 mostly
<I've never seen this referred to officially as DECtape. It was called
<DECcassette. Since this was not a block-addressable random access device,
<it is substantially less like DECtape than the TU58, and couldn't be used
<as a "system device" for OS/8 or RT11.

True, though I've seen and heard it called dectape... Not a very good device
compared to the TU55/56 or the TU58.

<My arm could be twisted to make a tape available, but it sounds like you wa
<a transport, and they are hard to come by.

Yep! It doesn't have to be electronically complete or working but
mechanically complete would be nice plus a few tapes.

<I've partially completed a caching SCSI controller for the TU56 drive.

I'd like to try working on a ECP parallel interface to one. It's mostly to
realize what I'd done in the '70s with home grown tapes based on cassette
transports trying to make something as good as DECtape!

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