Apollo 400

From: John Amirault <amirault_at_epix.net>
Date: Wed Mar 17 23:22:19 1999

Yes the three BNC's are for the monitor and SYNC is on green. This is
what I have been told. I am sorry that there are no monitors. I only
have an interest in finding a monitor for the HP Apollo 400 that I have.
If you buy some and decide to sell some memory I would be interested in
that, but I don't need any more of these as I live in 1000 square feet.
John Amirault

Mike Ford wrote:
> >Mike,
> >Is this the HP Apollo 400? If yes,are there any monitors?
> >JOhn Amirault
> >
> >Mike Ford wrote:
> >>
> >> I had a pleasant afternoon poking around one of my favorite scrappers, and
> >> noticed on an incoming cart about two dozen Apollo 400 computers (says
> >> model 425 on the back). Hard drives are pulled, but otherwise they are
> >> supposed to be complete. Any interest? (he is in Santa Ana CA)
> Correct, HP Apollo 400, 25 Mhz 68040, Seagate ST12320 SCSI drives in some,
> no idea on memory (4 sticks of something in the one I looked in), and AUI
> and 10B2 ethernet. Three BNC's on a pullout I assume are for a monitor, but
> I didn't see any monitors and there were 35 of these Apollo's. My guess is
> the monitors may already be scrap, or kept.
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