Apollo 400, RZ23-e RZ27?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Wed Mar 17 23:00:09 1999

>Yes the three BNC's are for the monitor and SYNC is on green. This is
>what I have been told. I am sorry that there are no monitors. I only
>have an interest in finding a monitor for the HP Apollo 400 that I have.
>If you buy some and decide to sell some memory I would be interested in
>that, but I don't need any more of these as I live in 1000 square feet.

Heck my wife, 8 year old son, and I live in about 500 square feet, trouble
is before I started buying computers its was a 1850 sq ft house. ;)

People talkin about them is giving me the itch for a Apollo running BSD etc. ;)

I have seen the Apollo monitors around other places, but that isn't the
sort of thing I would want to ship, or even lug out to the car.

Shopping for Scrap

The owner of the place is a friend of mine, but his prices are "moody".
Scrap guys are all paranoid about finding some great item and selling it
too cheap, so I get the feeling he "tests" me on prices to see if I have
gotten stupid overnight. Today was entirely typical.

My friend isn't around so I take a walk around the block. A couple two
truckload a day operations aren't too far away, but they are hostile to
anyone approaching without waving large bills. They fail to set the dogs on
me, so I snoop a bit keeping 20 feet from the open rear gate. Pallets of
old PCs and monitors, which do nothing for me anyway. I head for a pair of
my favorite dumpsters, but too much real trash has been dumped on top of
the computer stuff. Fortunately my friend arrives about then.

I stroll in to pick up a bag of parts I forgot to take with me yesterday,
and stay about 4 hours BSing and nosing around. One of the Apollo's was
open so I looked it over noting the XC68040RC25 and wondering if it would
work in a Centris 610 Macintosh, the Seagate SCSI drive I knew would work.
About this time my friend hands me a couple Digital RZ27 drives, presumably
I can have them if I can properly ID the rest he has, but I don't have a
clue. The Digital 5 pin power connector means its a lookup not test job
too, which I point out. I dig around a while longer and find a dozen or so
68882 chips with some bent pins, and pick out (3) RZ23-E and (3) 3100 3.5"
Digital hard drives.

Another computer guy shows up, and he nabs the RZ27 drives and pays my
friend $40 each for them (providing they test OK). Over the next hour as
this guy and my friend chit chat I learn more nasty stuff about local
vendors than I need to know.

After this is all done we start to work on some prices for what I have
found (literally digging them out of a pile in the case of the 68882
chips). We don't agree on anything, not even close, so I end up not buying
anything, but we both know I'll be back in a week or two. Already I am
thinking about another place for tomorrow....
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