Sony SMC-70 available

From: Peter Utz <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 21:54:30 1999

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I have 3 Sony SMC70 CPUs, and loads of related stuff: Boxes of cables, TV
interfaces, a monitor, 64K RAM cache drive (a big deal back then), loads of
software for word processing, CPM utilities, titling and graphics, and
instruction books for it all (hardware and software). All 3 machines worked
a year ago, but one has a couple non-operating characters on the keyboard
and another has a nonfunctioning serial port.The third was perfect, but a
year idle in the basement may have taken some toll. I have maybe 50 3.5"
floppies for the SMC70. I'll sell the works for $200 plus postage from NJ,
or will sell specific cables and books for $15 each.

I used these machines from about 1980 to 1986 for word processing,
television graphics, and to operate an interactive laser videodisc. They
have lightpen, audiocassette, and keypad ports, along with parallel, serial
,and external devices ports and dual SSSD 3.5" floppy drives.
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