Speech Thing

From: John Ruschmeyer <jruschme_at_exit109.com>
Date: Wed Mar 17 22:11:14 1999

> While sorting through a box of old stuff in my basement, I ran across this
> little box called a "SPEECH THING"
> It appears to have been manufactured by Covox, Inc., around 1991. It is a
> small tan box, about 1.5"x2"x1/2". It's got a male DB-25 connector on one
> end, and a female DB-25 on the other end. It's got a 3-foot length of wire
> (the type that's on Walkman headsets) coming out of the side.
> Only problem is whatever was on the other end of that wire was chopped off.
> Stripping the wires, the inner wire (they're coaxial) is red on one, and
> white on the other. The white wire is connected to "1" and "2" on the PCB.
> The red wire isn't connected to anything, although there is a "3" and "4"
> that it looks like it could be soldered to (but never was - there's no
> solder on the PCB contacts).
> Does anyone have any idea what this thing is, what it does, or what goes on
> the end of the wire (I have a feeling it's some sort of plug)?

IIRC, the Speech Thing was what it sounds like, a speech synthasizer for
the IBM PC. Basically, it plugged into the parallel port. The other end
of the wire was probably a speaker (amplified, most likely).

I seem to recall Covox being very big into speech recognizition and
synthesis many years back.

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