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From: George Rachor <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 13:11:58 1999

I remember the Exidy had soft font character generation.... That made the
best use of this by changing fonts on the fly... It looked pretty good
when the rest of us were looking at blowing Eproms to get new characters

George Rachor

George L. Rachor Jr.
Beaverton, Oregon
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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Derek Peschel wrote:

> > -Lawrence (yes I want an Exidy, who doesn't?) LeMay
> Why is that, exactly? I'm not trying to disparage the Exidy, but apart from
> its rarity I can't tell it apart from most other EightiesBASICBoxes (tm).
> Is it the rarity? The fact that the Exidy was a pioneer? Did I miss
> something important about the machine?
> Admittedly, I am consciously pragmatic (avoiding things I wouldn't use or
> wouldn't have time for).
> -- Derek
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