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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 15:15:32 1999

> > -Lawrence (yes I want an Exidy, who doesn't?) LeMay
> Why is that, exactly? I'm not trying to disparage the Exidy, but apart from
> its rarity I can't tell it apart from most other EightiesBASICBoxes (tm).
> Is it the rarity? The fact that the Exidy was a pioneer? Did I miss
> something important about the machine?
> Admittedly, I am consciously pragmatic (avoiding things I wouldn't use or
> wouldn't have time for).
> -- Derek

For the exact same reason I would want an Ohio Scientific C4P computer,
or a SOL. Because I saw them in the computer magazines and electronics
magazines in the 70's back when i was in junior and senior high school,
yet I never had the opportunity to actually see one (thus I dont know how
crappy they really are, especially the C4P ;) and I would have a bit of
fun playing around with them.

The Exidy sure sounded neat. The output was only black and white, but
somehow teh features sure sounded great.. redefinable character sets,
or something like that.

-Lawrence LeMay
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