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Date: Thu Mar 18 18:29:32 1999

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> M K Peirce wrote:
> > Any thoughts on how they handled guineas and florins?
> The guinea was still used as a unit for some transactions (=21 s.) but it had
> ceased to exist as a coin 100 years and more earlier. My guess is that for the
> sort of transactions that Lyons were interested in, the guinea was not used.
> The florin was introduced in the mid 19th century as Britain's first decimal
> coin - one tenth of a pound. But by the mid 20th century, florin coins all
> actually bore the legend "two shillings" (you Americans wouldn't be at all
> confused if your dimes said "ten cents", would you?), and "florin" was no more
> than the name of the coin.
> Philip.

I still find it hard to believe in the intrinsic value of a currency
divisable by 10...;)

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