Security question (sort of)

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 00:21:32 1999

At 10:38 PM 3/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I want a few people's opinions before I take any actions:
>My computer was recently hacked into, and a bunch of the software, and some
>of the hardware was messed up (I know who did it - no one on this list -
>someone from my school).
>What would be the best thing to do here (other than physically damage the
>person/and/or their computer)? Is there any security programs for Windoze
>'95 that can be downloaded?
>Where or who would I report this person to?

   If they're from your school then I'd start with the school
administration. If they hacked in via the 'net, I'd report it to their ISP
as well. You may also consider small claims court if you can reasonably
prove that they were responsible.

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