LSI-11 question

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 23:41:57 1999

I would like to put together a simple PDP-11 system. I've got a M7270 card
(LSI 11 processor) and an M8044-DB card (32KW MOS memory). I've also got a
couple of PDP-11/03 and PDP-11/23 rack chassis that are both QBUS. I've
also got a pair of RX02 drives. Does the M7270 go into an 11/03 chassis?

What other cards would I need to build a usable '11 ? No doubt a floppy
controller card of some sort (although I also recently got the DSD440 to go
with the funky RX02 emulator card) Some sort of serial port for a terminal
(M number?) What is the minimum RT-11 system?

I also picked up the programmers panel for a PDP-11/10. I'd love to put
together a PDP-11/10 if I new what to look for.


At 10:02 PM 3/18/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>By 1979 the LSI11 was available. And it's certainly possibly to justify
>>that machine as a micro. Now, the LSI11 didn't (AFAIK) run RSX, but I
>>think it could have run one of the standalone multi-user BASICs (which
>>included its own OS).
>The LSI-11/03 was available at least as early as 1975 (that's the
>date on the earliest 'lsi11 pdp-11/03 processor handbook' that I
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