Security question (sort of)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 10:45:03 1999

If someone else got into your computer, it is because you let them in.
Today's attitudes toward personal responsibility suggest that if someone
steals your property, it is your fault for having it or at least for having
let someone else see it. If someone trespasses on your property, it is your
fault for not providing them an easier way to get where they want to go. If
someone trespasses on your property to rob you or to vandalize your
property, it is your fault for having the things they wish to steal or
vandalize . . . get the picture?

What I find mysterious is how someone could gain access to the computer in
question in the first place. The most effective security measure is to
disconnect the computer from the outside world when the owner is not using
the connection to the outside world. A dialup server utility is just an
invitation to vandals.

If you must use a dialup server utility, then use it with a computer, the
content of which is saved in a secure location not accessible to the outside
world, e.g a complete backup made when the system was not accessible from
outside. If you have security, e.g. passwording, user authentication,
encryption, etc, do not share this security information with anyone under
any circumstances, including life and death, no matter whose.

If you value your data, you must never, Never, NEVER, put a floppy diskette
in your computer which has been within 2 miles of a college campus since it
was last formatted. In fact, you should never, Never, NEVER, put a floppy
diskette which has been within 2 miles of a college campus (or high school,
for that matter) inside a 50-meter radius of your computer even if it never
goes into any computer at your site.

You see? A few simple precautions will enable you to avoid damage from the
outside if you rigorously adhere to them.

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Date: Friday, March 19, 1999 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: Security question (sort of)

>Jason Willgruber wrote:
>> I want a few people's opinions before I take any actions:
>> My computer was recently hacked into, and a bunch of the software, and
>> of the hardware was messed up (I know who did it - no one on this list -
>> someone from my school).
>> What would be the best thing to do here (other than physically damage the
>> person/and/or their computer)? Is there any security programs for
>> '95 that can be downloaded?
>What was the attitude of the person who did it? If it was malicious, the
>other suggestions given have a lot of merit. If not, then talk to the
>to let them know you didn't appreciate their "cleverness" and drop it.
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