Sun 4/110

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 16:58:06 1999

> > One of the things that I saw was a SUN 4/110. Can anyone tell me the
> > general specs for it. CPU type and speed, what size hard drive they have
> > (if any), amount of memory, etc. Any idea of what it's worth? Also is
> > anyone interested in it? I'm going back there tomorrow and can get it but
> > I have to know before tomorrow or else it's going to be scrap metal.
> It's an early Sparc-based system, probably around 20mhz, VME-bus.
> IIRC, the 110 chasis has 3 VMS slots, but no on-board disk storage.
> The system proably has a SCSI interface, though, (definately an Ethernet)
> and could be hooked up to an external shoebox.
> <<<John>>>

        Processor(s): MB86900 _at_ 14.28MHz, Weitek 1164/1165, Sun-4 MMU,
                        16 hardware contexts, 7 MIPS
        CPU: 501-1199/1237/1462/1463/1512/1513/1514/1515/
                            1660/(many others)
        Chassis type: deskside
        Bus: VME, 3 slot
        Memory: 32M physical with parity, 1G/process virtual,
                        70ns cycle
        Architecture: sun4
        Notes: First desktop-able SPARC. CPU doesn't support
                        VME busmaster cards (insufficient room on CPU
                        board for full VME bus interface), so DMA disk
                        and tape boards won't work with it. Originally
                        intended as single-board machine, although there
                        are a few slave-only VME boards (such as the
                        ALM-2 and second ethernet controller) which work
                        with it. Onboard SCSI, two serial ports,
                        Ethernet, keyboard/mouse. "P4" frame buffer
                        could be monochrome or color. Used static column
                        RAM rather than a conventional cache. Code-named

-Lawrence LeMay
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