Computers in Parallel

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 15:21:43 1999

>You know, not to sound mean, but that sounds like a discouragement to me. I
>am aware of the fact that it will not be the _fastest_ system around, but it
>would be interesting to do. Also, considering that when you have 10 odd
>computers, that may not be the fastest around, and can only be used one at a
>time, why not have them work together? The last thing I thought I'd see on
>the list was someone discouraging someone to try something.

I think you should do it. I have a batch of Mac IIfx and I may try a
parallel arrangement with them one of my friends told me about.

As an experiment lots is to be learned from this. I don't however have any
plans to "use" it.

For a start I suggest looking at some of the encryption cracking efforts.
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