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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Mar 20 11:37:25 1999

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, Marvin wrote:

> Are you interested in getting a hot topic going for VCF III? Put me down on
> the panel to debate the function online auctions play in determining
> pricing, and the relationship of that pricing to perceived value.

I'll consider it. The last thing I want to do is legitimize ebay as a
market for the trade of old computers.

> Your statement about MECHANISMS IN PLACE is interesting, but anyone who
> stops to think will realize that any type of marketing will produce the same
> results. So why are you trying to make ebay a special case (which it is
> not)?

You're missing the point. The mechanisms I am referring to are the way
the auction itself works. The reserve price, the automatic bidding
increase once the top bidder is bid against, and then there's the issue of
emotions and how they affect bidding in an auction. All these factors
contribute to the artificial inflation of prices.

> > I'm throwing my support behind whatever effort takes place to create a
> > free buy/sell/trade bulletin board. Its something I've been wanting to do
> > for a while, and I think the time is right. I see a need and a purpose
> > for it, and it will be a great year round anchor for the VCF activities,
> > which is why I'd be willing to put whatever time and money it takes to
> > bring it to fruition and have it sponsored by the VCF.
> Free? I think this is a great idea, but generally speaking, "free" to one
> person can be expensive to another. To name just one example, VCF. You have
> put a great deal of time, effort, AND money into getting it up and running
> with minimal cost to participants.

I'm a glutton for punishment.

> I think a better idea would be to have niche market mini-online auctions,
> and charge accordingly. I don't think I have ever found someone who objected
> to ebay charges.

I just object to the juggernaut its become. Besides, the whole point of
creating a "B/S/T bulletin board" is to take the auction element out of

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