OT: Re: Security question (sort of)

From: Ward D. Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Sat Mar 20 12:54:51 1999

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, Allison J Parent wrote:

> Win NT can be secure, but watch those service packs as some improve it and a
> few reduce it (bugs!). Generally fairly secure, common enough in use that
> security holes are well known and publicized.

Yep. Well known and publicized. The crackerz know them well.
Unfortunately rarely fixed and if then after a long while.

> I'm currently looking at linux, it has potential.

Even more than NT, the security holes are well known and publicized,
and as a result fixes tend to show up generally within 24 hours. (I
think one hole took almost 72 hours to plug once, but it was rather
tricky to exploit anyway -- the cracker needed to have read the
source code).
Ward Griffiths
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