sellers market

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 00:40:23 1999

>You're missing the point. The mechanisms I am referring to are the way
>the auction itself works. The reserve price, the automatic bidding
>increase once the top bidder is bid against, and then there's the issue of
>emotions and how they affect bidding in an auction. All these factors
>contribute to the artificial inflation of prices.

I disagree with your premise that the auction is artificial or unfair. What
I don't understand is how you plan to stuff the genie back in the bottle.
Ebay is here, and so are hundreds more smaller auction pages. Many people
also use the eBay pricing to set their own prices, I know both store and
individuals who do this as a regular practice. Like it or not, completed
eBay auctions are the best reference I know of for fair market price.
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