PDP 11/44 RSTS/E Tape ops.

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sat Mar 20 23:19:02 1999

  Let's see if a small classic computer question stands a chance
against the Din of Dissension and the Cacophony of Contumely that
swirls in Voracious Votices of Vitriolic Vituperation... but I digress.

  The Question:

  Given, a PDP 11/44 system with attached SMD drive and 9trk streamer
drive, running under RSTS/e V9.7. No OS docs are availble. 'Help' is.

  I would like to be able to move files to and from the 9trk unit.
The controller is a TM11 and the device is MS0:. I have spent some
hours reading to 'help' files related to this operation. I am pretty
sure the *hardware* is correct and functional.

  I have played with Init-ing, Allocate-ing, and Mount-ing and the
using PIP to move files. It is likely PIP doesn't speak sequential
file devices but I'm not sure.

 I am leery of experimenting with Backup and Restore until I know
more about the subtleties of their operations.

  Thanks in Advance


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