Database of old computers?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 21:10:54 1999

Tom Owad wrote:
> Of course, I have a pretty good idea what computers are in my collection. What I really need is a database of the machines that _aren't_. Thomas Haddock's "A Guide to Personal Computers and Pocket Calculators" is an excellent reference. It gives the computers specifications, date of introduction, and a brief description of the unit. Usually enough information to determine if the computer is worth the purchase.

When I first heard of Haddock's book, I was excited to finally find
something with classic microcomputer information. As I started looking
through the book to find computers I had in my collection, there were quite
a few that I have that are not listed. Just a heads up to be aware that
quite a number of classic computers are not listed in his book. It is,
however, almost a required book for anyone interested in classic computers.

Something else I have not seen is a reference to cover mini-computers.
Granted there were far fewer manufactures, but it would still be nice to
have a reference for them.

The most complete list I have seen is The Comprehensive Computer Catalogue
at I would consider it almost
indespensible for anyone out looking for computers! What it lacks in depth
is more than made up by breadth.
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