BDV11 - which ROMs ?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 01:15:29 1999

>Here are the details: M8012-YA card with two ROMs labelled:
>Given the other stuff that was tossed out with this card I suspect either
>an RL01 boot rom or an RX02 boot ROM ...

I just checked the diagram I did up a while back up on how my /23 is layed
out. Based on what my /23, which was a complete system, has in it, I think
you've got a RL01/02 boot ROM there. I don't know if it will do anything

BTW, have you looked in the hardware directory of the Sunsite (metalab)
archive? I seem to recall that a bunch of the Micronotes detail this kind
of stuff.

I've probably got at least some documentation on this board around here
somewhere, but it's to late to look tonite. Let me know if you need any
specific info and I'll try to dig it up.

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