Pro-350 anyone?

From: Megan <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 20:41:57 1999

>Since P/OS is "in the public domain" (having been contributed to DECUS),
>does that mean that I can in principle reverse engineer it and publish my
>reverse-engineered "source code"?

I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on tv, radio or anywhere else...

But I would suspect that the software is still *owned* by Compaq
(through Digital), even though the binary images are available
in the public domain...

If you made any such patches, you probably couldn't charge for
them (except for media)... but what the heck do I know...

Somewhere in my collection of packs... I believe I have a set
of development packs for P/OS, bequethed to me by a former
developer who left DEC... copies of the master.

I'll have to look around for them and verify that it is true
(I think they are RA60s, but I don't yet have an RA60 drive).
If I do, I'll have to look into their status...

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