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Date: Mon Mar 22 20:33:52 1999

>FWIW there are more than one kind of museum. There is a "Tech museum"
>kind that has a bunch of pretty displays behind plexiglass and the
>"research" kind. (And a whole bunch that are somewhere in the middle).
>If you have privileges at a research museum you can work on and/or use
>parts of the collection that are not available for "general" use. I would
>expect that a good research computer museum would be a great place to

All this talk of museums... I've been toying with the idea of trying
to set up something like that... Along the lines of RCS/RI...

I was wondering how such groups got started... how did/do they afford
storage places...

Are there people in the eastern-mass area who might be interestd in
trying to put one together?

What I've been thinking of is a place where people can put their
systems on display -- static while being worked on, with help
from volunteers, and dynamic once working. At least when working
I would hope that people could use a terminal to use/program it.

Obviously, not everyone would be allowed to actually touch the
innards of a system or the removable bits... that would be
reserved for those who have an expressed interest/knowledge of
a specific system. Otherwise, people would have to settle for
terminal access, or supervised access.

I was thinking of contacting the current owners of the Maynard
Mill to see if there was any possibility of donation of (or
reduced rental) on a space there... it would be neat if some
DEC systems could return home for display...

What do people think?

What if we had a 'chain' of said museums, run by members of
the classiccmp list, all over the country... would make it
easier to have VCF-east,south, midwest, etc...

Pardon my ramblings... I guess I'm disappointed with the
Boston Computer Museum, some of what I've heard about the
Computer Museum at Moffett field is criminal, plus it is
too far away as is VCF, and with my schedule I've been unable
to get to RCS/RI...

(plus, I know my partner would like to see me move some of my
 collection out... :-)

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