Pro-350 anyone?

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 21:53:09 1999

You have as below. You probably have 512Kbytes on the motherboard for a total
of 1Mbytes. You can do mono with your setup. To do color, you need another
2 bitmap planes, which come on the 001403 card, and a VR241 monitor (not
impossible to find). You also need an LK201 keyboard (pretty common) and a
cable for the monitor/keyboard.

As I mentioned, I have a daughter memory board you can have, and the right
cable. (Someone just gave me a box with an inordinate number of cables--
makes you wonder what ever happened to the monitors that could have gone
with them.) There is a 2% chance I have a 001403 card in storage, but I
won't be able to check that until April 10 or so.

I don't think you need to run the DECNA in the 6th slot. Mine is in the
5th slot (6th is an RTI, and that has to be 6th slot), and although I have
never actually gotten it to talk to anything yet (no other DECnet nodes), I
see it transmit and receive stuff on my network when I boot up; and it does
pass diagnostics, which transmit and receive.


Chuck McManis wrote:
> Card numbers (from left to right) are:
> 000401 Hard disk controller, what drives you can use with this
                        depends on the ROM level; you said you had ST251, so it's
                        probably the latest level
> 002004 Floppy disk controller
> 001002 Basic video card
> 000034 256Kbytes memory
> 000034 256Kbytes memory

> Does Venix use the serial port for the console?

Venix uses the console for the console. You can use the Printer port for
another tty if you have a "license" for more than one user. You can, I
think, fudge the license program at to increase the number
of users.

> --Chuck
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