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Date: Mon Mar 22 22:54:44 1999

>There was a DECUS-contributed handler, the SD.SYS handler, back
>in Version 3 and 4 that did (does?) the "same thing" as LD in Version
>5.0. Are the two compatible? If so, you could find the SD handler and
>use it under RSTS? (Maybe it's on one of the tapes you can't read,

THanks... I had forgotten the name of it. As for being compatible,
I can't see that there is much difference so long as the SD driver
serves blocks from the logical disk as if they were physical block
numbers of a physical disk... the RT utilities should just be able
to cope (so long as the driver follows are the prescribed driver

>I haven't found the docs for RT-11 Version 5.0 very useful for
>using logical disks. There's all the references you need for commands,
>but there are almost NO discussions of how to do common tasks.
>I.e., there's no way to put it together to do what you want to do
>except by trial and error. Or brilliant deduction, which I usually
>don't have.

The LD[X].SYS handler is the heart of it... it is not only a handler,
but a program which has a normal program entry point... if you

        R SY:LD.SYS

you will get a CSI prompt, at which you specify what it is you want
to do. I don't know which release had the KMON commands built in,
I thought they were in from the beginning...

Anyway, I think the source for LD (uncommented) is on the kit, so
you could examine the source to see what options are allowed.

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