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Date: Tue Mar 23 08:45:36 1999

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>Does anyone know how the fn keys work on the Toshiba T3100e40?
>I have one of these 286 and I have no idea how to use the fn combo with
>the F# keys.
>Also how do I get into the setup CMOS in one of these computers?
>Are there software that I can get to work with it, IE, powersavers and etc?
>Also how do I get the modem to work on the computer? I have noticed that
>there are already 2 builtin serial ports, one in back and one on the
>right hand side. Also what is little round plug used for, that is located
>on the left hand side of the laptop? Is that little plugin for a INPORT
>mouse or a Logitec Handheld scanner or what? Some models has a plastic
>plug in that socket.
> dan

        From the 3100 manual, Fn + F1 = F11, Fn + F2 =F12. Fn + Numlock gets you
into the numeric keypad overlay. Fn + Pg Dn sets the processor speed to 6
Meg. Fn + Pg Up goes to 12 Meg.(or when you start the system)
        To select RGB, press Fn + End, Fn + Home goes to Plasma display.
        To access setup, go into Dos directory and type "Test 3" which gives you a
diagnostics menu. (Only works with the original Toshiba Dos ). There was
also a diagnostics and supplimental disk, but it also would only work with
the original Dos 3.3.
        I haven't used a modem on mine for some time, but I have a note in the
" Modem (Dos6.2)(Test 3 wont work) Com 3, IRQ2, 3E8." Good luck.


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