CS/80 Was: Re: HP disk drive command set

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Mar 23 09:20:29 1999

Upon the date 06:57 AM 3/23/99 -0600, Jay West said something like:
>I just sent a CS-80 reference manual to a list member.....

That are me :)

The manual you are refering to Jay is the CS/80 External Exerciser
Reference Manual. The Exerciser is software which runs on an HP 85 with
HPIB interface lashed up to the HP 79xx drive under test.

References in this manual point directly to what we are looking for here:

CS/80 Instruction Set Programming Manual, part no. 5955-3442.

I believe this is the Holy Grail, so to speak, which should tell us all
about CS/80. It is refered to as so: "Complete documentation for the CS/80
instruction set can be found in the _CS/80 Instruction Set Programming
Manual_, part no. 5955-3442."

Well, at least we have a part number to hunt for now.

The Exerciser manual, part no. 5955-3462, has references of commands used
in the External Exerciser programs on the HP 85 Exerciser tape. I don't
think they are actual raw CS/80 commands which can be squirted into an HP
79xx disk or CTD from any old program we write.

I well recall our HP CE occasionally hauling into the plant a large
carrying case with an HP 85, special program tapes and the Exerciser manual
mentioned here in order to do service upon our 7907 (IIRC), 7908 and 7912
drives (latter two in my collection now with the old HP250 computer they
were hooked to.) Those tapes would be nice to have for some of us I bet.

Thing to do is to rustle up one or more of the folks responsible for
knowing/working with CS/80 at the HP/Boise plant and ask them if they can
point us anywhere useful or even have stuff in their own archives on CS/80.

Regards, Chris
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