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Date: Tue Mar 23 12:08:18 1999

Megan wrote:

> What if we had a 'chain' of said museums, run by members of
> the classiccmp list, all over the country... would make it
> easier to have VCF-east,south, midwest, etc...

All over the country?

Is this the right time to try and resurrect VCF-UK?

Or even VCF-Europe?

Marvin replied:

> That is a really good idea! One of the perceptive comments made at last
> years VCF was that it was a "social gathering." It was and is wonderful to
> be able to meet and talk with others who enjoy collecting this stuff. A BIG
> advantage is that any future dealings with people we meet are based on
> something other than just email. This personal network of people we know
> makes for a higher confidence level with any transactions that might take
> place.

Hear, hear! Seriously, I think that some sort of permanently-installed VCF type
locations, where volunteers could come and work on exhibits, and where
(possibly) trade could be carried out, would be very useful. And as I said
before, I am prepared to sponsor the UK one to the tune of quite a bit of money,
_if_ enough people are committed that there is a chance of making it work.
(Once it's got going, I think it should be self supporting from members'
subscriptions and possibly trade commissions or visitors' donations, or even
commercial sponsorship :-( , but I'm not optimistic enought to think that it
would work that well from the start).


PS A model for trade at a permanent VCF. I was introduced to it by my brother
when we were both visiting my parents...

Large building full of junk. Anyone can go in and browse, and ask prices, buy
things, etc.

The arrangement is: you have junk you want to sell. Take it in and say "I want
X pounds for this widget." The staff either say, "fine" and put it on the
shelves, or say "no thanks, we don't think that'll sell (or is legal, or

When someone buys something, the owners of the "trading post" (as it is called)
take a commission (I think 25%) and hand the rest to the seller. If it doesn't
sell after a certain length of time, they ask the seller to reduce the price or
take it away or whatever.


PPS before anyone flames me for suggesting commercial sponsorship, it would be
absolutely necessary to have strict rules like the committee vets all sponsors,
no conditions of "must have machine Z on display", etc.
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