From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 12:57:15 1999

>Actually sharing the Vision --

As long as we're doing the "Vision Thang" I'll kick in my $.018995211 worth.

There used to be a nice book store in town called "A Clean Well Lighted
Place for Books" and it was unique in that the people who worked there
read, and they wanted you to read too. You could pick out a book, read a
few chapters, talk with people who probably had already read it, etc. I
thought it was really a cool place.

So I figured I'd open "A Clean Well Lighted Place to Hack."

Kind of the same deal, we'd sell quality technical books in addition to
coke and twinkies :-) And one of the coolest parts would be the 'hack
wall'. That would be a wall of single board computers and i/o lines from
non computers connected to lights, speakers, fans, LED bar signs, etc. The
idea being that if you needed something to "target" in order to hack some
code the wall was available. Periodically we'd showcase the best "wall
hack" where someone had several computers working together to do something
cool on with the wall i/o.

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