More details was: HP stuff

From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 17:33:43 1999

With all this talk about HP stuff... I have the chance to get ahold
of one of the HP Ethernet network trace units... it is something like
an HP9273 (I'll have to check)...

It has a 5" Green monitor, flip-down keyboard in the cover, AUI
port. It can boot from 3.5" floppy or internal hard disk (which
may be 20 or so MB...) I think it uses a 68020 processor (?).

Can this boot something other than the HP network analysis
software? Are there any development tools which someone
can get ahold of which can be used to write software for

I know I can use it on my home network... but it would be a neat
hack to also be able to develop software for it (maybe see if a
unix port is possible...)

If anyone can identify it from my somewhat scattered description,
great... if not, I'll get the info and ask again...

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