More details was: HP stuff

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 17:46:50 1999

I'd need the part number to be sure... but... if that's what I think it is
you're a very lucky camper.

That sounds like the HP Network Analyzer. It is sold as a Laptop unit with
custom HP network monitoring software.

If that's what I think it is - it is a CURRENT product, and sells for
anywhere from $15,000.00 to $60,000.00 depending on the options it has.

Let me know the part number and I'll hunt it up for ya.

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Subject: Re: More details was: HP stuff

>With all this talk about HP stuff... I have the chance to get ahold
>of one of the HP Ethernet network trace units... it is something like
>an HP9273 (I'll have to check)...
>It has a 5" Green monitor, flip-down keyboard in the cover, AUI
>port. It can boot from 3.5" floppy or internal hard disk (which
>may be 20 or so MB...) I think it uses a 68020 processor (?).
>Can this boot something other than the HP network analysis
>software? Are there any development tools which someone
>can get ahold of which can be used to write software for
>I know I can use it on my home network... but it would be a neat
>hack to also be able to develop software for it (maybe see if a
>unix port is possible...)
>If anyone can identify it from my somewhat scattered description,
>great... if not, I'll get the info and ask again...
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