Pro-350 anyone?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 21:16:57 1999

< What all is the DEC LK201 used on. I know it works on the Rainbow, Decmat
<and now the Pro-350. Was this kind of a general purpose DEC keyboard ?
< There's a raft of them in the main branch of the local Goodwil, left behin
<when a bunch of Rainbows were either scooped up or junked.

Rainbow, DECMATEII/III, Vt2xx, Vaxstations, Pros and on and on. It was the
generic keyboard design. the LK3xx and LK4xx series are later, lowercost
and interchangeable.

<Has F1-12 on top and F13-15 between the main and num keypads next to
<term ans, copy, and a square image. It has an 8-trace connector kind of lik
<oversized RJ45. No external label but internally has a "Cherry", Waukegan,
<label, and B4VE-A302, 51941115 Rev. F. It was manufactored in 84. The
<main chip is mounted, 350M 9103, VANILLA, REV C . Anyone got a clue as to
<what this is or a need for it ?

Sounds like the LK250 used for VAXmate and PC use.

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