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From: bluoval <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 21:56:01 1999

"Barry A. Watzman" wrote:

> E-Bay banned fire arms for two reasons:

Are these reasons official?

> First, they couldn't do the background checks or check for stolen weapons. A legally valid reason, but likely an excuse. Second, if someone were assaulted with a weapon bought on E-Bay, the way things are going, E-Bay could be sued, and lose, BIG TIME. That's probably the real reason.

The first is a given, but its not an excuse, its the law. The second is ridiculous, if Ebay sells the firearms lawfully. How could someone sue Ebay for the sale of a firearm used in a crime? That's like suing a gun store for selling a gun to a person who robbed a bank with it. Unless Ebay doesn't sell the gun(s) according to the
law, Ebay will win. Sure, you can sue anyone for anything, but chances are the person suing Ebay for something like that, and winning, is not likely at all!
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