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Date: Wed Mar 24 02:13:29 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Marvin wrote:

> > Doing a little more thinking about memberships, I was thinking of
> > a tiered approach (typical) which ranks members on their level of
> > usage of the facilities. And maybe there could be breaks for those
> > who provide help to others... (just some more rambling)
> I have done some checking into financing such a venture and it appears that,
> at least out here, seed money could probably be made available. The biggest
> problem is ongoing support for overhead. Some friends of mine had talked
> about a number of ways to help support such a venture:
> And the list goes on. I think Sam said it best though when he said it takes
> vision and persistance! It goes without saying that a number of dedicated
> people with the appropriate time and energy to get it started would be
> required. Starting life as a 501C3 corp sounds like a good start. Another
> way that can help ease getting money is to ensure that education is involved
> for kids; classes, demonstrations, etc.

I was thinking that the important part of all this is just to get
SOMETHING started. Don't worry about all the costs of going all out to
create a computer museum type organization. Just start out with what you
can to begin with. Even if that means a garage party every month among
local collectors then that's a good start. From there, people will get
interested, more people will show up each month, momentum will develop and
eventually, when it makes sense to do so, the effort can move to the next
level and then continue to grow from there.

Oaks grow from acorns. ;)

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