.DSK files.

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>> ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11/rt/decus/
>> Just FTP there from your RT-11 system and you're set!

> I may be going about this all wrong.
> Firstly FTPing stuff implies an FTP client on the target system
>and a modem. Modems I have, but how to get RSTS to talk to them is
>not clear to me at this point on my learning curve. Acquiring and
>installing Kermit and/or FTP software is something I want to do, but
>have no clue presently. All in due time I suppose.

I don't know of any FTP for a RSTS/E (or RSTS) machine, but
there are several commercial and one freeware package for real
RT-11 internet connectivity. See


for information on the freeware package.

> BUT: Do I really need RT11 to use the programs on the tapes, if
>they will work under RSTS? I imagine not... so the real question is,
>can I unpack the .DSK file uner RSTS V9.7?

Good question! If there's some way that you can do a "file to
device" copy under RSTS/E, then you'll be able to copy the .DSK
to a real disk and then mount that as a RT-11 volume. I've never
done this on RSTS/E, but if you ask where all the experts
hang out (comp.os.rsts) you'll probably get a good answer.

Note that I've written several tools for manipulating RT-11
.DSK files on "foreign" systems, and many classic Unices
shipped with similar tools. The RT-11 filesystem is simple
enough that such tools are easy to write. See


for a tool that I've suggested in the past when folks have asked
"how can I read a .DSK without a real RT-11 system?"

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