Rebirth of IMSAI

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Date: Wed Mar 24 15:14:55 1999

Eric Smith wrote:
>Tim Shoppa wrote:
>> You forgot one vital component: the switches. The 7101 and 7103 series
>> switches used in the IMSAI front panel are still available new from C&K,
>> at $5-$6 each.

>Hmmm... does that include the handles?

Yep. The relevant part numbers for the switches are C&K 7101-J4-Z-Q-E
and 7105-J4-Z-Q-E.

>Are the correct colors available?

C&K was the OEM for the IMSAI switches, and the colors will match what
your IMSAI switches looked like when new. (If you've had yours
exposed to sunlight, it's possible that the colors have faded.)

NKK makes a very similar line of switches, but the colors are very
slightly different.

>My IMSAI switches are all intact (and factory-original AFAIK), but it wouldn't
>hurt to get some spares.

If you only need a few, Jim Willing is the guy to buy them from. When
I was building TIMSAI's, I needed a few hundred and got a considerable
price break by buying from a C&K distributor.

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