[OT] Re: sellers market - firearms

From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Mar 24 16:53:48 1999

It is in Georgia, at least w/ handguns sold in stores.

Joe wrote:

> At 04:26 AM 3/24/99 -0000, you wrote:
> >>> First, they couldn't do the background checks or check for stolen weapons.
> >> The first is a given, but its not an excuse, its the law.
> >
> >No, it's not, at least under Federal and California laws. Other states don't
> >have jurisdiction, although some of them seem to think they do.
> It's not the law in Florida either. But E-bays action is nothing new.
> Lots of news-papers and TV stations are refusing to carry gun ads, even if
> it's a private sale. Funny, since the papers and TV stations are always
> screaming about "freedom of the press" when it comes to publishing things
> like the names of rape victum or other things that have no reason to be
> published.
> Joe
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