Open Houses (was Re: Museums)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 20:43:38 1999

>Ok... hating to be out done (but probably at a disadvantage since I don't
>have a monthly swap meet to align with), if there is sufficient interest
>(and people in the area) I'd consider doing the same thing at the
>(the 'area' being Beaverton, Oregon BTW)
>Altho... in leu of a swap meet (we do have one twice a year tho...) we
>could perhaps have a scrounge (archaeological dig?) at my warehouse...

Hmmm, sounds interesting, besides the our local swap meet is really to PC
oriented to be that interesting, despite being called a CP/M User Group
Swap Meet. There are several of us Classic Computer types in the area.
Now where is this warehouse :^)

Or for a truely frightening thought get Paxton to hold an "Open Warehouse".

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