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From: Jim Strickland <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Wed Mar 24 23:26:58 1999

Um no.

What it SAYS is:
"As a special promotion, MonsterBook.com has announced that if and when it files
 for an Initial Public Offering of shares in the future, within 1 month after
the Public Offering of shares it will give you $10 cash (US Currency) for every
friend you referred to MonsterBook.com who subscribed before May 1, 1999.
Should you earn a Referral Bonus under this promotion, you will be able to
choose to receive your Bonus as a cash payment, or to apply it toward the
purchase of stock in MonsterBook.com. See agreement below for details "

Which means after the stock has gone through its IPO gyrations, THEN they
give you your 10 dollars toward stock. AND, according to the fine print,

"This offer is limited to the first 1 million people to subscribe to receive
the free MonsterBook Internet Directory in the mail, and the maximum Referral
Bonus to be paid to any one person will be $500. "

It's not a BAD deal, assuming the company lasts long enough to issue stock
(and considering they're offering to flush capital down the toilet like that
I wouldn't hold my breath) but it sure as heck isn't free stock.
> A US company is giving away free shares (like Yahoo did
> at its beginning). They're called Monsterboard and are pretty big.
> go to : http://www.monsterbook.com/SignUp2.asp
> and sign up, all they want is your demographics. If you don't mind,
> please give them my referral No. ( 277673 ). Hurry, they are only
> taking the first one million people. They will probably have that
> many within about 24 hours.
> If this is an imposition, don't bother with my referral No. If you
> wish, register all by yourself. They just want name and address
> and e-mail address. Since many of you already make that available,
> on this list, I doubt they would have any more information.
> Sincerely yours,
> Jerome Fine

Jim Strickland
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