TANDY Keyboard Question

From: Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>
Date: Fri Mar 26 13:02:53 1999

On Friday, March 26, 1999 12:00 PM, Mark Gregory
[SMTP:gregorym_at_cadvision.com] wrote:
> Steve, one of the thrift stores that I haunt has had a Model 2 keyboard
> kicking around for months (since the system itself was nowhere to be
> found). If it's useful to you, I could pick it up and mail it to you.
> cost: about $1 Canadian plus postage from Calgary, Alberta. Let me know
> you're interested.
> Mark.


I appreciate the offer.

Before going to too much trouble, I need to make sure that they are
otherwise functional. First, I gotta get them cleaned up and reassembled
then try a power on test. If they look like they're work, I may take you up
on your offer.

I was hoping that a regular PC keyboard would work. That way I could do a
complete test with minimal effort.

When the teledisk order comes in, I'll have to beg a copy of the OS from
someone (hint, hint). ;-)


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