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From: Marion Bates <Marion.Bates_at_Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Sat Mar 27 16:42:08 1999

Re: memory error. According to the table of memory errors, 70 means read/write error and 71 means parity error. Don't know if that helps at all...the whole error table is here:

The same board failed in my Lisa 2 last summer. I guess try jiggling it, cleaning the contacts, looking for cracked solder points, etc.

Sun Remarketing sells the whole board (unless they've run out), but it's not exactly cheap -- around fifty bucks. And you have to get hold of the right guy on the phone, some of the younger sales reps have no clue that the company sells Lisa parts.

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I picked up a Lisa today but it's missing the "V" key from the keyboard.
Is the keytop the same as that used on any of the other Apples or any other

   I also got a ProFile external disk drive but no connecting cable. Is
this just a straight through cable? If not can someone post the pinouts?

   Finally, I'm getting a memory error when it boots. It shows a picture
with MEM 2 folder crossed out and either "70" or "71" shown below it. Does
anyone know exactly what this means or how I can fix it?

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