Big Commodore PET Haul - trades? for sale?

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 04:47:53 1999


I only seem to only have time to catch up with me mail once a week or so.
I just found your post to the ClassicCmp list about the PETs. Are they
all gone yet?

Where are you located? Toronto area? Shipping PET stuff would be very
expensive, I think. If I had a friend in Toronto I'd send him over to
grab whatever you've got. :)

The SuperPET is especially nice. A friend of mine has one, with an 8050
or 8250 (don't remember which) and all the language software and manuals.

I've been looking for a BASIC 4 system and DOS 2 or higher disk drive for
a while. All of my PET stuff is more antiquated then the stuff you've got
on the list.

A 4032 and an 8250 would be ideal. I like the small 40-column screens.

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Chandra Bajpai wrote:

> This weekend I bought someones entire Commodore Collection. The reason I
> bought the collection was they were unwilling to break it up, so I've got to
> find homes for most of these machines.
> (I only am keeping one)
> - 1 Commodore SuperPET
> - 10 CPUs: Commodore 8032, 4032, 4016
> - 1 Spare part machine, 2 extra motherboards, ROMs etc.
> - 8 Disk Drives: 4040, 8050 and quite a few 8250s (I didn't know these
> existed)
> - Commodore printers + one daisy wheel
> - Commodore Test diskettes, repair schematics + procedures
> (including some stuff that never made it to the market)
> - Lots of manuals...even an original 1976 MOS Technology 6502 programming
> manual in as new condition!
> - Lots of software (even some SuperPet stuff)
> - Compute magazine from 1980-1983 in as new condition
> - Commodore PET Literature
> This stuff came out of school computer labs and some stuff when Commodore
> Canada shut down.
> All the machines seem to work OK...pretty good shape for being close to 20
> years old.
> Need some TLC...they have various school names in marker on the side.
> So I need to find homes for these PCs....they are taking up a lot of room in
> my basement.
> I'm need to sell them...This list gets first crack at them...I'll consider
> interesting
> trades too...
> My overall want list:
> NeXT, KIM-1, A working S-100 and/or CP/M System, Lisa, Tesla coil,
> telescopes, night vision gear, GPS, Oscilloscope, Lotus Esprit SE, Robotics
> items, or anything other interesting items.

Doug Spence
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