Big Commodore PET Haul - trades? for sale?

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 19:26:45 1999

This weekend I bought someones entire Commodore Collection. The reason I
bought the collection was they were unwilling to break it up, so I've got to
find homes for most of these machines.
(I only am keeping one)

- 1 Commodore SuperPET
- 10 CPUs: Commodore 8032, 4032, 4016
- 1 Spare part machine, 2 extra motherboards, ROMs etc.
- 8 Disk Drives: 4040, 8050 and quite a few 8250s (I didn't know these
- Commodore printers + one daisy wheel
- Commodore Test diskettes, repair schematics + procedures
  (including some stuff that never made it to the market)
- Lots of manuals...even an original 1976 MOS Technology 6502 programming
manual in as new condition!
- Lots of software (even some SuperPet stuff)
- Compute magazine from 1980-1983 in as new condition
- Commodore PET Literature

This stuff came out of school computer labs and some stuff when Commodore
Canada shut down.
All the machines seem to work OK...pretty good shape for being close to 20
years old.
Need some TLC...they have various school names in marker on the side.

So I need to find homes for these PCs....they are taking up a lot of room in
my basement.
I'm need to sell them...This list gets first crack at them...I'll consider
trades too...

My overall want list:
NeXT, KIM-1, A working S-100 and/or CP/M System, Lisa, Tesla coil,
telescopes, night vision gear, GPS, Oscilloscope, Lotus Esprit SE, Robotics
items, or anything other interesting items.
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