Rebirth of IMSAI

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 07:48:02 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Max Eskin wrote:

> Perhaps, have the machines run the demos that they were running in the
> showrooms?

Commodore's Christmas Demo! Yeah! (Though I'm not sure that the Eatons
3rd floor glass counter would really qualify as a 'showroom'. ;) )

(The Christmas Demo has become somewhat of a minor tradition in my house
during the Christmas season. I even have a videotaped backup in case the
C64 fails to start. I get a kick out of the blinking "ONLY $895" these

As the purchaser of mostly Thrift-Store Classics (i.e. incomplete, dirty,
sometimes broken machines for $10 and less) I really don't know what was
being displayed in the showroom. I remember the cool 3D wireframe stuff
on the Northstar Advantage, the Juggler and Boing! demos on the Amiga, the
aforementioned Christmas Demo, and that's about it.

Oh, and the TPCIDEMO.COM program from the TeleVideo TPC-I CP/M disk, also
with (slow) 3D wireframe stuff.

Does anyone remember what the VIC-20 was usually up to in department store


Apple ][s?

The TRS-80 Color Computers were usually sitting at the BASIC prompt, and
I'd program something naughty into them and walk away. :)

(OK, it was usually just 10 "TRASH-80S SUCK!": GOTO 10 but I was young and
still into platform wars.)

Doug Spence
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