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From: Sellam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Sun Mar 28 09:56:08 1999

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Joe wrote:

> Whatta you mean I didn't pick it up? It's sitting in the middle of the
> kitchen floor :-/ Turns out that it's not exactly S-100. The sockets are
> right but they're off set to one side of the card slot so S-100 cards won't
> fit in. Someone else said it was for some kind of TI computer. Too bad.
> It's a super nice box. I'm thinking of trying to modify it to fit S-100.

Might this be a chassis for a TI9900 system, Allison?

If so, I'd leave it in tact as bait for the cards that go with it.
Otherwise, if you modify it you'll attract S-100 cards with the edge
connectors cut off. :(

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