followup: Rinky dink hamfest

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:05:42 1999

   Today I went to see a couple of the people that I meet at yesterday's
hamfest. One of them used to service XEROX computers. He told me that he
threw out three rooms full of old XEROX computers less than a year ago. :-(
 He gave me part of the stuff that he had left, I have to take a Truck
(note capital) back to get the rest (estimated at two cubic yards but no
complete machines). So far I've found lots of docs and 8" flopppy disks
for the 820 and 16/8. The 16/8 looks pretty interesting, it ran CPM,
CPM-86 and MS-DOS. Does anyone have one of these? What's your opinion of

  He has a floppy disk drive control box to manual operate 3.5", 5.25" and
8" drives during alignment. Anyone have an idea of what one of these is
worth with the alignment disks and manuals?

  Alos found a Lisa mouse to go with the Lisa that I got yesterday.

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