Drive alignment tool, diskettes

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 22:26:14 1999

I don't know how much a couple of hundred bucks is worth to you. You can
use an operational S-100 computer running CP/M, or even an 820 to run the
drive for alignement. Though I've had an alignment tool for many years, I
usually use a computer. It's the alignment diskettes that are scarce.

If you have a digital alignment diskette, made by Dysan, among others, and
the software to run one, it makes alignment easy. If you need to read a
5-1/4" floppy, a drive you can buy today won't help you much. I keep a half
dozen of the old DS minifloppies around.



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Date: Sunday, March 28, 1999 9:14 PM
Subject: Re: Drive alignment tool, diskettes

>At 07:08 PM 3/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>If you have to align an 8"drive, the alignment diskette is pretty
>>i.e. you can't really do well without it.
> Yes I know, I used to repair and alignment drives. What I wanted to
>know is what the whole setup is worth and weather I should buy it. He
>wants a couple of hundred bucks for it. He said it cost ~$3500 new.
> The 5.25" diskettes are about as
>>easy to manage with software and one of the "digital alignment diskettes"
>>you can get them.
> I doubt 5.25" drives are worth reapiring, even if you could get the
> Joe
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>>From: Joe <>
>>To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
>>Date: Sunday, March 28, 1999 6:46 PM
>>Subject: followup: Rinky dink hamfest
>>> Today I went to see a couple of the people that I meet at yesterday's
>>>hamfest. One of them used to service XEROX computers. He told me that he
>>>threw out three rooms full of old XEROX computers less than a year ago.
>>> He gave me part of the stuff that he had left, I have to take a Truck
>>>(note capital) back to get the rest (estimated at two cubic yards but no
>>>complete machines). So far I've found lots of docs and 8" flopppy disks
>>>for the 820 and 16/8. The 16/8 looks pretty interesting, it ran CPM,
>>>CPM-86 and MS-DOS. Does anyone have one of these? What's your opinion
>>> He has a floppy disk drive control box to manual operate 3.5", 5.25"
>>>8" drives during alignment. Anyone have an idea of what one of these is
>>>worth with the alignment disks and manuals?
>>> Alos found a Lisa mouse to go with the Lisa that I got yesterday.
>>> Joe
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