OT: 'Melissa' Virus

From: jax <jax_at_tvec.net>
Date: Mon Mar 29 09:28:13 1999

At 08:01 PM 03/28/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>> The problem in a nutshell, don't open any messages in a Microsoft E-Mail
>> program with the following title "Important Message From: {persons name}".
>Nope, no hoax. I got a CERT advisory on this one.
>Jim Strickland
>Vote Meadocrat! Bill and Opus in 2000 - Who ELSE is there?

Yes, this one's for real. Some bozo has written a spawning macro virus.

I don't think that it's limited to MS Outlook products though, the macro
would be executed if the *.doc attachment is opened with MS Word which
automatically runs the virus.

Recommend if your running a Winblows box with e-mail of any kind and MS
Word to associate all files ending in "doc" with QuickView or WordPad
(eliminates the macro execution).

It won't be long before some other idiot takes the guts of this macro and
changes it, so the "Important message from" will not be an indicator.

BTW, the thing is harmless to the resident computer. So far it just
generates a ton of infected e-mails.

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