ASR-33 Data Format?

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 20:33:07 1999

At 02:06 30-03-1999 GMT, you wrote:

>results that I think may stem from an incomplete understanding of the
>way the ASR-33 and others of that vintage send and receive data. I'm
>testing with some code in an article about interfacing the Elf to a
>Teletype, so I'm pretty sure the Elf code is correct. I'm using 110
>bits per second, no parity, 8 data bits, one low (logic 0) start bit,
>and one high (logic 1) stop bit. It seems to like the data


        The parity or the stop bits may be what's biting you in the arse. Try some
various combos and see what happens. It's been decades since I worked on
those things, so my memory of their innards is sketchy.

>bit, and the start bit are all the same length. Also, I'm assuming that
>the "110 bits per second" includes the time for the stop and start bits,

        Actually, ASR-33's ran at 110 Baud rather than BPS.

        Best of luck!

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