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From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Mon Mar 29 20:48:55 1999

>For one thing, I want to ask what a few of these items are. For one
>thing, what are the three identical units on the rightmost rack? Also,
>what is the tall unit right above the green PDP in the middle rack? Also,
>what is the top unit in the short blue rack?

If you check my home_systems web page, in the recent_acquisitions
section, I have the items listed.

To answer the question, in the first rack are 3 RL01s, 1 RX01, a
pdp-8/a and a pdp-8/e. In the second rack are TU56, 2 Diablo
(RK05 equivalents) and a lab-8/e (the section above the blue/green
8/e panel is the I/O area for data acquisition). The third rack
contains a laboratory peripheral system (LPS) which is a UNIBUS

>Next question: Is there anything you can do with these that my DECMate
>can't do (besides peripherals that the DECMate doesn't have)

I will be able to copy data between multiple formats -- RK05, RL01,
DECtape, RX01. I'll be able to breadboard stuff that could be
connected to the lab-8/e... something not pictured is a display
scope on which the lab-8/e could display stuff by driving beam X and Y
and beam intensity.

>Last question: What did you use to make this picture?

Powershot 350 digital camera, downloaded to my PC, gamma-edited,
uploaded to the web page along with updates to the home_systems.html
page to point to the new picture...

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